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A Culinary Haven for
Discerning Chefs

We are pioneers in the production of commercials and digital content

Time-Tested Traditions

We use tried and true methods and techniques, meticulously perfected, to bring forth the exceptional quality and taste that define our signature produce.

Nurturing Ingredients with Uncompromising Dedication:

Cultivating Excellence: Where Meticulous Techniques Birth Signature Flavors

He makes grass grow for the cattle, and plants for people to cultivate—bringing forth food from the earth.

Psalm 104:14 (NIV)

Harvest In Use

The Sweetest Carrots in Knoxville

How we redefined the taste of the humble carrot at Blackberry Farm

A Little Kiss of Borage

A little kiss of borage can really make the Bee’s Knees

The Taste of Summer

Savoring Summer: The Allure of Heirloom Tomatoes

The Taste of Spring

A Perfect Pairing: Baby Arugula and Pansy Flowers in Bloom

From Farm to Fork:

Harvested by Hand, for Uncompromised Quality

Exceptional Color

Varieties Selected to Capture the Allure of Vibrant Colors, Beckoning to Grace the Pages of Editorials & Win Stars.

Perfectly Sized

The Versatility You Need: From Micro-Greens to Baby Vegetables, We Deliver Ideal Sizes for Inspired Creations.

Superior Taste

Keeps Guests Returning for More with Varieties Selected, Cultivated & Harvested for Optimal Flavor.

Exclusively Grown

Chef Selected Produce Varieties, Exclusively Cultivated for the Top Chefs in Knoxville that we Partner With.

Savor the Peak of Freshness:

Our Produce Goes from Farm to Fork in Record Time

Chef Partners

Cassidee Dabney

Executive Chef, The Barn

Josh Feathers

Executive Chef, The Main House

Latest News & What’s Growin On At The Farm…

“This partnership has been a game-changer for my restaurant. The ingredients, are so flavorful, fresh and vibrant! The collaborative approach and customized selections have taken my culinary vision to new heights!”

– Chef Emily Richardson, The Gastronomic Haven

Sustainable Practices:

Thriving in Living Soil – Our produce flourishes in living soil, free from harmful chemicals, ensuring healthier plants that yield better ingredients. We’re committed to responsible sourcing, and a healthier planet.

Seasonal Faire:

Celebrate the Bounty of the Seasons – By embracing a dynamic menu featuring a diverse array of seasonal produce, each harvest reflecting nature’s ever-changing palette and flavors.

Nourishing the Body:

Nourishment at its Peak – with sustainable practices and optimal harvesting, our produce offers not just exceptional taste but also a wealth of essential nutrients for your diners’ well-being.

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