More than just a farm, We’re a culinary haven where exceptional flavors and sustainable practices converge.

About our establishment

At Matthew’s Living Pantry, our micro-farm, founded by owner and grower Matthew Howard, is dedicated to nurturing produce that tantalizes taste buds while honoring the beauty and balance of nature. From the very seeds we sow to the dining tables of esteemed chefs, our commitment to quality, sustainability, and innovation shapes every aspect of our farm.

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Matthew’s Personal Growing Philosophy

Our growing philosophy revolves around nurturing the land as much as the produce it bears. We believe in treating the soil as a living entity, honoring its natural rhythms and health, for it is the foundation upon which extraordinary flavors are cultivated. We grow with intention, carefully selecting heirloom seeds and embracing sustainable practices that not only preserve the Earth but also yield produce that speaks volumes on the plate.

Chef Partners

Cassidee Dabney

Executive Chef, The Barn

Josh Feathers

Executive Chef, The Main House

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